Thursday, September 15, 2011

They're Just Silly

I am the worlds worst blogger. The End.
Ok not the end! Here are my munchkins! Ky is 9 1/2 months!! She is growing like a weed! Its too fast! She is already pulling herself up on things and trying to move around while standing. I can barely stand how cute she is. She has finally discovered the awesomeness that is her daddy, and now will play with him and gets excited when she sees him. I love it, she will soon have him wrapped around those fingers, I can see it already!

These two, I just don't know what I would do without them. They are best friends, and can barely stand to be away from each other for too long. While Blake is at school and Kade isn't, he is constantly asking when we can pick him up. Apparently I am not as fun as Blake. They fight like dogs sometimes, but never stay mad for longer than a few seconds before laughing again. The best thing about boys is that they get it all out and then they move on. Love them.
Adam gets the craziest apps on his phone. These are our alien children.

Another app from his phone. I love this picture!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blake graduated Preschool! umm a month ago...

My baby is officially a Kindergartner! About a month ago, Blake graduated from Preschool and we are so proud of our smart big boy.

Here he is in his cuteness. He talked about "his graduation" for like a month before it actually happened. He was so excited to have us there watching him perform.
His preschool class. Mrs. Lisa was the best teacher! Blake loves her so much! I am so sad that she won't be teaching anymore (they moved, boo!), but happy Blake got to be with her. Thankfully, we found another teacher for Kade next year. Yea Mrs. Morgan Finn!

Kade wanted/I made him dress up for the occasion too! I have some good lookin boys!
Here Kylee is showing off her new sitting up all by herself moves! The boys are so in love with her, and are always playing with her. I am so thankful for their willingness to help with her as well. I have a wonderful family, not to mention some dang cute kids. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hallelujah! I have returned! In my own defense I have started a post like 3 or 4 times and then dumb Blogger would not upload my pictures, so I just got annoyed and gave up.

Life is a lot different now with 3 little munchkins, but I am actually really enjoying it. The transition (so far) was easier for me than the transition to 2 kids. The boys absolutely LOVE their sister. They are ALWAYS in her face giving her lots of hugs and kisses. Though I was sure I was going to have all boys, it is really nice to have another girl in the house. Our little Kylee is so much fun. She is almost 5 months already! I can't believe how fast the time has gone.

Umm, have you seen Tangled yet?? It is pretty much our favorite movie here in the Graham house. It is my new favorite Disney Movie of all time. These are the boys being "Flynn Rider" complete with the facial hair, sideburns, satchel, and frying pan. They are so fun.

Here they are in their Easter Apparel. I got many comments on how cute our little family is from our ward members. Awwww, I know! They are pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. :)
Ky is such a good baby. She is a GREAT sleeper (thank heavens!) and loves anything that has to do with her brothers. She watches them do everything and gives big slobbery kisses to them when they get close enough. She gave her first smile to Kade (I was only a little jealous), and is now giggling at the pair of them all the time. She cracks up when they run past her. Its so cute. She is basically my girl version of Blake. She looks just like he did at this age and they have the same body (I'm not kidding! at 4 months they are the exact same height, and head circumference with her being just a pound lighter than him. crazy!).

As for me, I survived my 10k at London's Run and managed to do it in under an hour, I think my time was 58.03 or something like that. I felt like I was going to die after though. The half marathon last year was way easier than the 10k this year. I was more prepared last year. Now I am running anywhere from 30-37 miles a week and I love it. I was called into the Relief Society presidency a few months ago, and I am totally loving it. It is nice to get to know all the sisters in our ward instead of "so and so's mom" because I was in primary for so long.
Adam is still going strong at UofP and he rocks. He does so well there and I am so proud of him. He is also in school full time which is great (but also stinks at the same time). He is really good about doing homework right when he gets home so he can spend the rest of the night with us.
All in all, life is crazy and fun and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enjoying 2 Kids

I haven't had a normal post in awhile it seems with pictures of my babies. We have lots of updates with the family but I don't care, I just want to say how much I love my boys.
I guess since it is getting closer and closer until our baby girl comes, I want to savor my boys and suck up every moment with just them until then. Blake and Kade are two of the funnest boys out there. Sometimes they drive me crazy and I wish they were a little less energetic because they wear me out, but really, I am so thankful for their energy. They make me so happy, and literally make me laugh multiple times a day. I love you my babies.

We were at my parent's house and Kade found one of Heidi's wigs for Halloween. Are we looking into the future of what Kylee will look like?? He thought it was the funniest thing that he is a boy and had "girl hair."

Kade loves to "read" books. Actually they both do, they always ask if they can sleep with a book to read. Adam took this picture of Kade actually making up stories to the pictures he saw. Too cute.
We took the boys to Chik-fil-A to play in the play place one night (we are so cheap, we actually bring them food instead of buying it there. Then we get ice cream after) This is Blake showing us how awesome he is at winking. ;)
He is just cute. Gosh I love my kids.
And I love how Heidi looks like she is going to hurt him for stealing her french fry. :)
A month or two ago when Jen cut my hair she told me she wanted to straighten it this time. And here is the result. I went to church and no one recognized me at first.
Update on Mrs. Preggo:
Everything is still going great! I have made it to 34 and a half weeks and I am counting down the days and hoping she joins us a little early so it isn't so close to Christmas.
I am no longer running. :(
My goal was to run until 30 weeks, and I made it to 32. The boys and I are walking now, and I am so glad. I can walk more distance than I could running. I still have a goal to do London's Run. I won't be able to do the half marathon again because I won't have enough time, but I am aiming for the 10k. It is January 29, 2011, so that gives me roughly 6 weeks from my due date. I hope I can do it.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Very Worthy Cause

I am sure some of you have heard of the wonderful Payne family who has suffered so much in the last month and a half. I have been wanting and wanting to post something about it for awhile now but every time I go to do it, I just get too emotional.
You see, I know Tom and Joy Payne.
I know them as Brother and Sister Payne.
I think I was about 14 when they moved into our ward in Mesa. Joy was called into Young Womens and was one of my leaders up until I graduated. She is amazing. Tom was in Young Mens and we all knew just how cool he is.
She would have us over at her house to hang out, and was always there if you needed someone to talk to. I can't even tell you what a good example she was to me when I was a youth. I never even told her what an impact she had in my life.

When I got the call from my dad about little Jaxon, my heart just broke, and continued to brake each time I thought about it. Then to know the hardships they have had with their youngest Easton and his medical issues, my first thoughts were "Why them?"
At Jaxon's funeral I was reminded again at how amazing Tom and Joy are. They spoke together and gave the most beautiful eulogy I have ever heard. They spoke of the love our Father in Heaven has for each of us, and were so strong.
Now I hear of just how much they are going through right now, and I wish there was some way for me to help. When Lana Shumway (another leader I had in Young Womens, I know I had the best leaders ever!) posted a pledgie account to help them, I knew we could maybe help just a little.
So now I am putting it here so all of you can read their story and hopefully help in any way you can. Please know how amazing this family is and how much help they really need.

Here is the link to their Pledgie Page

Thanks friends.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Own Special Miracle...

The last two weeks of my life have been one word.....stressful. Ever since my last doctors appointment (you know, the one where he said I'm huge!) I had been worrying and worrying and even more worrying. I was so focused on the fact that my baby may not be okay that everything else in my life was just stressing me out.

The doctor had told me that I may have too much amniotic fluid, and after looking up what that actually meant I was even more worried. Too much amniotic fluid could cause birth defects and all sorts of other complications that frankly freaked the crap out of me.

Monday night my parents drove all the way out to my house (they really are some amazing people if you don't know them) for dinner and so my Dad could help Adam give me a blessing before my appointment the next day. My sweet husband (with the help of the lord of course) gave me the sweetest blessing and I immediately felt peace come over my body (why didn't I get one sooner!).

The time for my appointment came yesterday and though I was still a little nervous for what news I would receive I knew that I would be okay with whatever it was. First things first, they weighed me, I lost a pound. Odd, thats never happened to me this late in pregnancy before. We wait for what seems like forever in the ultrasound room for the doctor (though it was really less than 10 minutes). The doctor comes in and measures me. I am smaller than when he measured me two weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I measured at 29 weeks, this time 28 weeks. I am officially right on track the doctor tells me. How the heck did my body get smaller when I should only be getting bigger?

Then the doctor does the ultrasound (she is still a girl) and does all of her measurements. She is EXACTLY the size that she should be at this point in my pregnancy. Usually you will have a couple of days difference between your menstrual due date and your fetus due date (estimate of due date based on the size of baby). Nope they were the exact same day. The doctor then tells me that I am an example of a perfect pregnancy. What a change from my last appointment.

I KNOW that the blessing that I received on Monday from my hubby and dad made this miracle for us happen. I am so thankful for the priesthood and to have it in my home with me at all times. I am so thankful for my husband and father who are worthy priesthood holders and could bless me in such a way to heal my body and make whatever was wrong before go away.

I KNOW the Lord will bless us if we ask and have faith in his power.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


We have finally made progress on both the boys room and the baby room!!! I finally don't feel stressed out about it anymore. After almost 3 years in our house we have finished the boys room! It isn't how I wanted it, but at this point I am just happy it is done!
We went with an old car theme, so I painted the room black and white and then we threw up some color with the different car pictures. The cars above are actually lights which is really cool but I wish they were battery operated so that the cords weren't hanging down. We are thinking about just cutting the cord off and not using them as lights. We'll see. All I need to do now is touch up the chair rail with white paint.

Kylee's room still isn't done, but it is close. We still need to paint her dresser, hang a couple more things and get the bedding on, but the paint (thank heavens) is done. I decided against hanging the letters with ribbon because, well frankly, I was just to lazy to do it. Leaving the ribbon on the letters and putting them up how I did was so much easier for me. I know I'm lazy but I like it and I got the stamp of approval from that husband of mine so we are all good.
A very special THANK YOU goes out to my bro. in law Garrett for deciding to come over at 10P.M. and work until 2:30A.M putting up the chair rail in both rooms. You rock Garrett!! We couldn't have done it with out you (and mostly because you provided everything but the chair rail) :)