Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enjoying 2 Kids

I haven't had a normal post in awhile it seems with pictures of my babies. We have lots of updates with the family but I don't care, I just want to say how much I love my boys.
I guess since it is getting closer and closer until our baby girl comes, I want to savor my boys and suck up every moment with just them until then. Blake and Kade are two of the funnest boys out there. Sometimes they drive me crazy and I wish they were a little less energetic because they wear me out, but really, I am so thankful for their energy. They make me so happy, and literally make me laugh multiple times a day. I love you my babies.

We were at my parent's house and Kade found one of Heidi's wigs for Halloween. Are we looking into the future of what Kylee will look like?? He thought it was the funniest thing that he is a boy and had "girl hair."

Kade loves to "read" books. Actually they both do, they always ask if they can sleep with a book to read. Adam took this picture of Kade actually making up stories to the pictures he saw. Too cute.
We took the boys to Chik-fil-A to play in the play place one night (we are so cheap, we actually bring them food instead of buying it there. Then we get ice cream after) This is Blake showing us how awesome he is at winking. ;)
He is just cute. Gosh I love my kids.
And I love how Heidi looks like she is going to hurt him for stealing her french fry. :)
A month or two ago when Jen cut my hair she told me she wanted to straighten it this time. And here is the result. I went to church and no one recognized me at first.
Update on Mrs. Preggo:
Everything is still going great! I have made it to 34 and a half weeks and I am counting down the days and hoping she joins us a little early so it isn't so close to Christmas.
I am no longer running. :(
My goal was to run until 30 weeks, and I made it to 32. The boys and I are walking now, and I am so glad. I can walk more distance than I could running. I still have a goal to do London's Run. I won't be able to do the half marathon again because I won't have enough time, but I am aiming for the 10k. It is January 29, 2011, so that gives me roughly 6 weeks from my due date. I hope I can do it.