Monday, April 27, 2009


Yah I know I stink at updating my blog. My boys and my house have kept me pretty busy. I am totally loving this time with my boys. Blake and Kade are so much fun right now. Kade is old enough now that he can keep up with Blake (most of the time) and so it is so much more fun for them to play together. They keep everything loud and crazy at our house, and I am so used to it now, that I don't know if I like it quiet anymore. Something is definitely wrong when it is quiet.

Anyhoo, we have this book that the boys just LOVE to read and it is called CTR Boy. In the story the mom makes a cape for her son that says CTR on it, and calls him CTR boy. All throughout the day he his "CTR Boy" and has to make good decisions. So after reading the book I asked the boys if they wanted to be "CTR Boy" and they were all for it. I am no crafty woman and I really wasn't in the mood to try to be super crafty, so I just got an old sheet and cut it, and then wrote CTR BOY on the back of it and tied it around their necks. Oh my gosh they loved it! They wore them they ENTIRE day and did not want to take them off. Now they wear them all of the time and it is so cute. Blake always tells me "Mom, I am CTR Boy and I get to choose the right!" I just love it! Here they are sportin their ghetto CTR BOY capes!