Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Am Gonna Do It

It is official because I am putting it on my blog. I figure if I put it on my blog then I have to do it, right? Ok so here it is, I am going to run a half marathon. There it is, now I have to do it. Out here in good old Queen Creek, they have "London's Run" every year and this next time is my turn. I have been throwing the idea around for a while now, and I realized that I am never going to do it unless I just decide to. I have never run a half marathon or anything even remotely close to it ever in my life. I have never even had the desire to run more than a mile in my life up until a few months ago. I just love running now, isn't that weird? I think it is really weird, because I don't know why it is fun, or why it relaxes me. Whatev, I am going to do it. So now comes your job.......I need to stay motivated, so I need people to tell me I am fat and lazy so it will push me to work harder. You got that?! Okay so don't really call me fat because that will probably just hurt my feelings. Hurray to all those people who run full marathons, you rock, I don't know that I could ever love running THAT much. So now, I gotta run a lot more than I have been to get ready. Yikes, I hope my kids don't mind being in the stroller for 2 hours while I attempt it. 7 miles is the most I have done so far.....only 6.2 more miles to get to a half marathon, *sigh* I am tired already.