Sunday, October 26, 2008

Running Shoes?!

Most people who know me know that I am not a "runner." Going out and taking a run is just not my idea of fun. There has to be a purpose to my running. I know what you runners out there are thinking, "you run to exercise dummy!" but really what is the fun in that? So my idea of "running shoes" are these:

My softball cleats. Now that is my idea of running for fun. I am running for a purpose people!! I have had this idea in my head my whole life. I was no track star. I did track in 9th grade just to do the long jump and then was told that I had to run the 400m by my coach (sprinting a whole lap! are you kidding me?! How is that fun?!) I never did track again. So having "running shoes" was never really a necessity to me. I got some for the nights that we go play volleyball and for the time I was in a hip hop class, but other than that really no need.......until now. Thats right ladies and gentlemen these shoes:

are finally getting some real use. Some ladies in my ward/neighborhood are in what we like to call a "stroller gang." Every morning we drag our kids out of bed and walk about 2 and a half miles. Awesome right? Well Tricia and I decided a few days ago that we wanted to get more of a workout afterwards, so we drop our kids off with her husband and then RUN! I never thought the day would come that I would go running just for exercise purposes! It happened! I have gone over to the dark side. I have to say it really isn't that bad when you have someone to run with, so thank you to my dear friend Tricia for converting me to my new "running shoes."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Zoo & My Own Dare Devil

The batteries died on my camera and I finally got new ones in to get the pictures off! Last Saturday was such a nice day outside so we went to the zoo with some friends. The batteries died while I was there so I didn't get very many pictures or any of Blake's new girlfriend K.J. She was the cutest little girl and was so gracious and helped push the stroller all around the zoo. Thanks Zack and Sarah for letting us tag a long with you, you guys rock! Here is a picture of Blake by the Baboon. He just came up to the window that Blake was looking through, it was awesome! We had to practically drag him away so other kids could get a close up look at him too.

Kade has decided to be my dare devil. I am convinced that it is because he sees his big brother doing things and he wants to do it as well. I have also realized that having more than one boy in the house, I constantly have to be on edge and ready for anything to happen. The other night, I was getting the kids bath ready and this is what I saw when I walked into Blake's room.....

He climbed up the stool and onto Blake's bed with no help from anyone. This is actually the look on his face when I discovered him. He was so proud that he did all by him self. So what did I do? At first I freaked out and went to grab him, but then I thought "Hey this would be a cute picture on my blog." So I left my son in danger and grabbed the camera. How sad! In my own defense though, the camera wasn't very far away and I ran really fast! Now that my little one knows that he can climb, he is always doing it. I have to be very careful when I leave the room because I never know what I am going to find when I come back. I just know that these two are going to start working together soon to see what crazy things they can do to make my heart skip a beat. It is starting already. Breathe Nicole breathe.