Monday, September 29, 2008

Relief Society Broadcast

As many of you know, we had our annual Relief Society Broadcast this past Saturday. I don't know about those of you who saw it, but it was amazing. I want to be like our Relief Society General Presidency. They truly are amazing women, and I know they were called to teach me. President Uchtdorf's talk was especially good. I felt like he was talking specifically to me. How many times do we as women point out our own faults, when no one even notices? I know that I do it all of the time. We put ourselves down to much and need to recognize all of the good that we do. Who can hold 2 kids and vacuum at the same time? Yah, thats right, a mom! Don't get me wrong, men are awesome and can do amazing things, but I am so thankful to be a women and President Uchtdorf reminded me how special I am to my Heavenly Father, and that he isn't looking at my many flaws, but marveling at the things that I can do well. I went to the LDS website to see if they posted the talks so I could post a link for those who weren't able to attend, but they weren't there. However, they will be in the Conference edition of the Ensign, so I would definitely recommend all to read it. I know I will be reading it again when it comes. You women out there do amazing things, and I am thankful to be numbered among you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

These are my crazies after I pulled them around the house in the laundry basket. They loved it, but I was tired (they are kind of heavy!)

It is true, there really is never a dull moment in my house. My boys are always doing something to either make me laugh, or sigh. So this morning the boys were in the bath tub playing. I had just finished washing and rinsing them both when Blake tells me, "Mommy, Daddy at work." I said, "yes sweety Daddy is at work, but he will be home later." Then he tells me, "mommy, daddy loves me." I said, "yes honey daddy loves you very much." He then says, "mommy, daddy loves me because he kisses my owies." Oh my gosh I about died! How cute is he! I just love all of the adorable things my little Blakers says. He is so darn cute, I love it!
Oh but we aren't done yet. Kade, not to be out done, about 5 minutes later decided to poop in the bathtub! Yah, we are just sitting there talking and playing with the bath toys, when Kade stood up, and the next thing I know, Blake is screaming that Kade pooped! I immediately freaked out, and started grabbing towels and to get the kids out before it touched them, and then got all of the toys out. When I got the bath all cleaned up, I realized that Kade still had poop on his bum and it got all over the towel, and then all over him. I was laughing so hard by this point, that I had to sit down for a minute. Needless to say the boys got to run around the house naked while I cleaned everything up. GROSS! Blake is almost 3 and I have never had to clean poop out of the bathtub full of water before! I was very tempted to run and grab the camera at the time, but I was too grossed out to let it sit there for that long. Yikes. As you can see life is always crazy at our house.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Am Not Very Unique

So I am not the only one?!?! What the heck! I guess I am not as unique as I thought. sigh
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