Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sounds I Love......

There are some things in my life that may be ordinary or not mean much to others, but I love them! These are just a few.........

-The sound of the laundry/garage door opening, telling me that Adam is home from work.

-Turning the page in a book I can't put down.

-A giggle from "the Crazies" when they are supposed to be in bed.

-A deep belly laugh for no reason at all.

-The shower turning on after a long run.

-The voice of an old friend I haven't talk to in awhile.

-A "Hi Mommy" from "the crazies" when they wake up

-"I love you Mommy"

-"You're my favorite Mommy"

-A whisper of "I love you" in my ear from my husband before he leaves for work.

-The sound of........silence, telling me that we survived another day and "the crazies" are resting peacefully.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why I am Happy Today

There are a few things that are making me very happy today.

The first is this song. Sorry for the annoying picture video thing with it. I just love the song. It is exactly how I feel about my husband. My baby loves me even when I am scary looking and have bad morning breath. He even shows me love when I am grumpy. He is the best, I love you babe!

That's right peeps, this book is going to be a movie!!! That makes me very happy. Now let the speculation begin on who should play Ian!

This Blog makes me very happy too. I don't personally know Lauren, but I love her blog. She is hilarious, and uses words like sicknast, and awesomespice, which are words that I use regularly as well.

Last, but certainly not least, these little guys. This picture is disgusting and Kade looks a little "stoned" but its all good, they are still dang cute. How did I get such handsome boys!?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Randomness That is My Brain

I have had a lot of things bouncing around in my head lately. Nothing super important, just stuff I have thought to blog about. But because I am lazy I haven't done it. So here are just a few things I have been thinking about............



Please excuse the scary picture. 2 Saturdays ago, the "crazies" and I went on our normal run. It was overcast and really windy but we went anyway hoping to just get it done. I thought the hardest part would be the wind, and it was killer on my legs. It started to rain a little and we were all laughingat first. We have run in the rain before so we weren't to worried about it. Just when I was on my last started pouring rain. And I am not just talking about raining hard, it was sideways rain with wind. It felt like we were taking a shower outside. That is when the screaming started from the "crazies." I turned around and came home. This picture is after I had been drying off for about 20 minutes. I was still soaked. It was awesome though. I love the rain.
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE show started last night...
I am in love with this show! I love to see the transformations that people make inside and out. Not to mention Jillian (the lady trainer) makes me laugh. She makes me think back to when we would do weight lifting for softball at the good old West to the Wood and I thought that my coach was so hard on us because he was a football coach too. Boy was I wrong. He yelled at us but he is sweet as kittens next to Jillian. She rocks though! She doesn't take any crap and that is what these people need. Love it!



The "crazies" have now decided that I am not allowed to take any pictures of them unless they are making "silly" faces. Blake and I always make faces at eachother and now he is obsessed with it. He will make faces at me while I am running, and ask me to do it back, which I always do. He is so funny. And Kade is just happy to be doing whatever Blake is.


Walking in Daddy's shoes

The other day I was in my room doing who knows what when I heard some clippity clopping going down the hall. I knew Kade had Adam's shoes so I grabbed the camera and got a shot of him walking in his daddy's shoes just before he tripped over them and came crashing down. I don't know why but I absolutely love it when the "crazies" wear Adam's shoes, it is so cute. Adam is probably not such a fan of finding random things in his shoes like fishy crackers, or cars, but whatev.


Daddy Time

Everynight after scriptures and prayer, we have "story time." It's nothing special we just let the boys each pick a book and decide if they want us to read it or if they want to read it to us. It is really funny to hear what they say when they "read" the story. This particular night daddy was doing the reading and I had to take a picture because they are so darn cute.
p.s. my latest project has been the "crazies" room. I painted the bottom half of their room black and the top white. We will be putting up a chair rail all around. The boys love music so that is going to be the theme of their room. What do you think, is it a good idea?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He Made My Day

So I just got a call from my Father in Law. He called to tell me about our upcoming family dinner and to give me our assignment (pasta salad, yum).

Then he says. "Nicole I want to tell you something."

Me: totally nervous and thinking, crap what did I do wrong, "okay......."

Pops (as my husband calls him): "I think you are a wonderful wife and a great mother."

Me: bewildered, "huh?"

Pops: "Adam cannot stop talking my ear off about how great you are, and I thought I would tell you that I think you are pretty great too."

Me: with tears "Thanks dad that really made my day." sniff sniff

Where did that come from?? I have no idea but I am so grateful for 1. my husband who apparantly talks about me to other people and 2. a father in law who gave me a compliment that I really didn't know that I needed at that moment.

Often times in my life I feel inadequate, like I am not doing enough. There is always something more that could be done. Call it a mom complex if you will. I am sure I am not the only one to feel that way.

I am thankful to a Father in Heaven who knows what things I need, even when I don't know that I need them myself, and sends them to me. Whether it is a phone call with nice words from someone unexpected, or a hug and kiss from my husband or children, I will take them and be grateful.

Thanks Babe for saying nice things about me to other people, and thanks Pops for the nice compliment. Love you guys!