Sunday, January 4, 2009

THE FACE!......and a Little Christmas

If you have been around my little Kade in the last few months, you will know that he has developed quite a sense of humor like his brother. He started making this face whenever we would call his name, and now it is officially called "The Face." We say "Kade give me the Face" and he will turn to you and do it. Hilarious! This is really only half of "the face" we couldn't get it all on camera. He cracks me up.
For Christmas this year, I was wishing for an elyptical, I say wishing because they are quite expensive and I didn't want to spend the money to get one. Well my wonderful husband was out garage sale shopping one Saturday and found one that was only a few months old and it was only 30 bucks! Woo hoo! The only problem now is that my kids like to play on it! Blake is actually really good on it, he will go for a few minutes, forward and backward. He loves it just as much as I do.
These are my munchkins at "Mema and Papa's" house eating their breadsticks from Olive Garden. I swear sometimes they look a like and then other times, they look nothing a like. This is one of those, "they don't look a like" moments.
This Christmas Eve we stayed the night at my parent's house so that we didn't have to get up extra early and drive forever (we don't live that close to either side of our family). Most holidays we spend most of the day in the car driving to each destination. We eliminated some of that this year but we were still exhausted......except for Blake apparently. He was happy as can be while we were driving with his new movie on for him. But poor Kade was so tired he was out cold after about 5 minutes.

The kids were spoiled as usual for Christmas. Being the only grandkids on my side it is inevitable.

Oh yah, and uh Happy New Year!!!! I hope this year is wonderful for each and everyone of you!