Monday, July 28, 2008

My Guitar Hero

My son is a Rock Star! For Adam's birthday we got the game Rock Band for our Play Station. There are a lot of instruments that we knew Blake would want to play with, so instead of risking the chance of him breaking our expensive game, I found this little guitar at Target (and it was on clearance too). I figured if he had his own guitar he would be less likely to brake the really expensive one's for Rock Band. So this is a video of my little Guitar Hero playing Rock Band with Aunt Heidi. By the way let me just say that I love this game. I am not much of a "gamer" but it is so fun!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swimming with Dad & Taxi!

We bought a little pool for the boys since its a thousand degrees outside and they both absolutely love it. It's like a giant bathtub with a slide! But now I have to remind Blake when he is in the actual bathtub that he can't splash all of the water all over the bathroom. It is a mighty cleanup when they are done bathing, but they enjoy it so I don't mind too much.
Taxi! Yesterday Blake asked me "Kade in wagon mommy! Pease?!" So I put Kade in the wagon, praying as I did that his weight wouldn't tip it over (Kade is a lot bigger than Blake was at this age!) and this is the result. Blake pulled Kade all over the house and were both laughing the whole time. Kids are so easily entertained and apparently so am I because I was laughing right a long with them!
Random picture I know, but I just have to mention how obsessed both of our boys are with going behind our couches! These couched recline so we have to leave a space between the couch and the wall, and the boys just love to go back there and play. This picture is between the two couches underneath the end table which is another favorite for them both. I don't know what is so cool about it but it sure is a pain to drag them out when they get stuck. They sure are cute when they are back there though!