Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby # 3

Hello 2 months since I have had a new post! My bad. We have had a crazy couple of months, with lots going on, but really, I am just too lazy to blog about them all now. So instead I will talk about our most recent happenings. I would like to introduce you to the newest family member in the Graham Abode......
Now I know what you are all thinking, "Adam let you get a dog?!" It was Adam's idea! Out of the blue one day he said he thought it would be fun to get the boys a dog. I was more hesitant than he was, because lets be honest, it is just one more thing I have to clean up after, but in the end we found her and I fell in love. We adopted her from a shelter and she is a Boxer/Pit mix. She is so sweet and loves to snuggle. If you just sit on the floor, she will come climb in your lap and fall asleep on you. I love it. Blake named her Macaroni N Cheese. Naturally. We call her Mack for short. She is about 9 weeks old,already Kennel trained and doing pretty darn well at potty training. The boys love her, every morning when they wake up she is the first one they ask for; not to mention the fact that she keeps them entertained when I need a moment. We are grateful to have a her as a new member of our growing family.

P.S. Coming December 2010....the real baby # 3.