Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Toy

Well everyone it has been a long time since Nicole and I had done anything semi frivolous. We thought it was time to upgrade to HDTV. Our whole marriage we have had a standard 27'' TV and most of our marraige we have had bunny ears (welfare channels) So needless to say we got some good tax money back and did something her and I would never do. We bought a 42'' LCD HDTV. This thing is massive and a bit intimidating compared to the latter. We got the kind of deal you would only see on Black Friday. I would like to pretend it was an impulse buy but I had been shopping for about 6 months or so waiting for the right deal and it finally came along. If there is any lesson here it is that patience pays off and that 42'' is freakin huge.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just Pictures

I finally took the pictures off of my camera and decided to post my favorites. ENJOY!

My brother is going to be such a good dad someday. He is so cute with my boys!

Blake loves to pose for pictures!

Kade has such personality now and I am loving every minute of his smiling and laughing!

Like Father like Son! Blake likes to read his books while he is on the potty. Gotta love him!

Kade just loves his older brother and whenever Blake is around, Kade is staring at him and watching his every move. I love my boys! They are so darn cute!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gallbladder Free

So those of you who haven't heard, about a week and a half ago I had my gall bladder removed. i had 2 of what they call "gall bladder attcks" one morning and had been having pains in my stomach each time I would eat. I ended up in the emergency room after the 2 "attacks" and found that I had a number of stones in my gall bladder. Yikes! Apparently it is hereditary because my mom and grandma both had their's removed as well.
Needless to say I am grateful to not be having all of that pain anymore, but now I have to be a little more careful of the things I eat (truly a blessing in disguise because boy do I love the greasy and fried foods!). All is well now, it only took me a few days before I felt good enough to be home with my boys alone. Thank you to modern technology and the laparoscopic surgery!