Thursday, January 28, 2010

Urine and Rain

Yesterday I woke up with a lovely case of a UTI.
3 days before I am supposed to run 13.1 miles, I can't even walk down the hall without feeling like I am going to pee everywhere.
All day I drank water and took cranberry pills and frequented the bathroom every few minutes, and prayed my little heart out that it would all go away.
And today, hallelujah, its gone.
I got out of bed got dressed to do my last run before Saturday and started to get the boys bundled up and in the stroller, only to realize that it is raining, again.
Now, darnit I am all for the rain. I love it. It is so rare that we get rain here that you really have to enjoy it when it comes. I LOVE running in the rain. The boys love running in the rain, but not when its 50 degrees outside! In the last week and a half my run has been spoiled about 5 times! Not good.
Oh well, I am sure in a matter of weeks it will be so hot, I will be praying for that rain again.
Anywho, speaking of Urine earlier, Kade decided the other day on his own that he doesn't want to wear diapers anymore.
What the?!
Yep, he woke up from his nap, brought me his diaper (in his hand, not on his bum), and said "I wear underwear mommy."
It was wonderful the first day. He went to the bathroom all on his own, I didn't even have to remind him.
Now it is going ok, but not so wonderful anymore. He has frequent accidents which leads me to believe that he isn't quite as ready as he wants to be, but he REFUSES to wear a diaper.
So the last few days have been filled with leaking underwear and leaking clouds.
Will I ever be dry?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stink Face


is what we lovingly refer to as the "Stink Face."

You should beware of any gas you may have in our home because if you let it fly, and Blake hears it, this face is sure to come.

In other news, I have about a bazillion things I could post about since it has been forever since I had a real post, but, alas, I am just too darn lazy to worry about it.

We had a great Christmas where our children were spoiled rotten by their MeMa and PaPa, but really, can you blame them? I do have some pretty great kids who deserve to get spoiled by their grandparents, and boy do they do a great job at it. :)

We rang in the new year with style. The boys were in bed at 7:30 as usual and Adam and I were prepared to rock the night away watching movies and snuggling together. I was out cold by 11. Adam was a sweetheart and woke me up at midnight to give me a kiss. Ya we are a couple of hard core late night people.

January has already flown by for us. Mostly because we celebrated my birthday (and I am closer to 30 now than 20, ugh), and I have been counting down the days and getting more nervous by the minute for my half marathon. It is this Saturday and I am super excited and slightly nervous. okay a lot nervous. For the last two nights I have had dreams where I am running super late and might not make it, or I show up in high heels and not my running shoes, or I just can't figure out where I am supposed to go. It is getting ridiculous. Adam's manager at work does these sorts of things all the time so I have been having him relay questions and advice back and forth for me, and he said I am wasting my time with a half, I should just run a full marathon. Umm no. I am not ready for that yet.

So anyway, I have two runs left before the big one on Saturday. Wish me luck. If you have any advice for me, feel free to share, I'm sure I could use it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This One Time

This one time I had a blog and I took forever to have an update.

Yep that's me.

It is coming.

I am busy with some craziness, ie the "the crazies," and....

My half marathon is in less than 3 weeks. :/

Bare with me ya'll.