Monday, August 31, 2009

The Happenings

So there has been a lot going on the last couple of weeks. First off, the kids, my mom, Heidi and I spent a week in Utah. First we stopped in Hurricane to visit my best friend in the whole world Jesee and her family. I just miss her to death and it was so nice to see her and let our kids play. And boy did they play. They played so hard and I was so worried that they were going to break something at her house that I didn't even get any pictures of them playing. Sorry Jes, but we loved being there and hanging out!!!!
Next, we headed north to Lehi to visit my Aunt Marsha, Uncle John and Grammy. Grammy lives half the year with my parents and half the year with my aunt, and the boys were so excited to see her, they were talking about it the whole 5 HOUR DRIVE from Hurricane. Once again I really really stink at remembering to take pictures, so I didn't get any of them. Yah yah I'm a slacker I know. The weather was so beautiful there, that I was half way ready to tell Adam that we were going to become snowbirds, and live there for the summer. I wish I would have gotten pictures of how beautiful it was. My morning runs were blissful (and also hard because there were so many hills!). There were mountains everywhere, and let me just tell you, you know you are in Utah pass about 8 ward buildings on your run, they were everywhere! I loved it.
Here are the boys at one of the many parks we took them too over the week. They were loving it. The weather was so nice we were at the park almost everyday. I can't wait for it to cool down here!
One of the many reasons I was so excited to go to Utah was the fact that they have restaurants there that they no longer have here. One of which is Wingers! I am in love with this restaurant! It takes me back to highschool, when Jesee and I would go there like once a week during the summer. Please tell me you remember them! They give you free popcorn, and their wings are more delicious than anything else we have here. Buffalo Wild Wings? Bleh! Wings Express? Bleh! Native New Yorker? Double Bleh! Wingers you rock!!
The other restaurant I just HAD to have while there was Bajio (sorry no pic)! Yum. They closed the one on Stapley and the freeway and I was devastated. And don't tell me Cafe Rio or Costa Vida are better, YOU LIE! Me loves me some Bajio!

Oh and I got me these darn cute shoes while in Utah as well. Oh and they were only 9 bucks! Rock on! Yah they are not even remotely comfortable on my feet, but that is just a small price to pay for the cuteness, or so I tell my husband. :)
Anyhoo, when we got home, I was ready to be home. A week away from that husband of mine about did me in. I talked to him like 3 times a day while we were gone and I was still just itching to get home. AAAHHHH reunions, they are.........wonderful. Love you babe.
Okay onto the other happenings. The boys shared a room the entire time we were gone, so when we got home, I officially moved Kade into Blake's room, and made Kade's room the play room for now. (No we are not having another baby yet. It's amazing how many people asked if we were having another kid just because I said the boys were sharing now.) It took forever to get everything moved over, I had to take apart Kade's bed and then put it back together again in Blake's room. I really didn't realize how many toys they had until I was getting everything moved. And the books! Oh the books, my back hurts just thinking about moving the dresser full of them. I was spent by the time that was done. Then this weekend Adam bought them bunkbeds and put it all together. It looks good.
My next project was this....
Yep I painted my room. I decided that we have lived in our house for too long to not have our bedrooms painted yet, so I went to work. I painted the wall green and hung up this monster picture that has been sitting collecting dust behind my dresser for the last 2 years.
Why? Funny you should ask. I figure, if I do it, then Adam won't have too. My hubby works so hard and has a time consuming calling in our ward, so really I want any time I can get with him and the boys. So if I can get projects that he usually does done myself then he gets to spend more time with me and our babies. Good plan eh!

Phew that was a long post! And here are the "crazies" being, well, crazy!
So long friends!

Friday, August 28, 2009


Just so you know PEDESTRIANS have the ride of way in a crosswalk! That's right I am talking to you Mr. Ford Explorer who almost plowed my boys and I over this morning in the crosswalk, and then had the nerve to look at me like it was my fault that he almost killed us when I hit my Adidas brakes to get out of the way. And you Ms. Green Chevy Cavalier, who so lovingly looked right at me in the SAME crosswalk and then proceeded to pull forward and block me to make her right turn, so that I had to go all the way around her to get back on the sidewalk. Grrrr to you both!!!

The boys and I are out every morning, except Sundays of course, running and I am not a big fan of being a pedestrian with cars around. Mostly because I was traumatized as a kid. Yep, when I was about 6 I got hit by a car. I was riding my bike to school with my brother and a car made a right hand turn when I was trying to cross the street and took me out. Don't worry I wasn't really hurt, maybe a few bumps and bruises, but it sure scarred me for life. I am constantly on edge when I am walking/running down a busy road.

On a much lighter note the boys and I were in Utah last week and I was an idiot and forgot to take lots of pictures, but I have a few to post later along with the happenings that have been going on at the Graham Abode. See ya!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just Some Things I Love

Today I am going to post about a few things that I here they are.

I just love this man right here. I know I am starting off all mushy gushy, but seriously, I love this guy. Yep, he's the man of my dreams, and for some reason he loves me back. I am one lucky girl.

Here is just one of the reasons why I love Adam so much. He makes me laugh more than anyone else in the world. He has the best sense of humor, and frequently makes me run to the bathroom so I don't pee myself.

Adam has also passed his sense of humor gene to our little ones. I just love that my boys are funny too. I wish I was funny like them.

Friends! I just love my friends! This is one of my best friends who just so happens to be my sister in law. Love Her! Amy you rock!

This candy. I love Hot Tamales. Actually I pretty much love all candy, (its a problem) but hot tamales take the prize. I could eat them all day everyday. I am a sucker for hot stuff (hem hem Adam.) :)

Chicken Tacos! Sorry no picture, I forgot to take one the last time I made them. I am currently obsessed with grilled chicken tacos. They are so yummy. I was finally brave enough to use our grill outside (I am a little apprehensive of the propane tank possibly blowing up in my face. I'm not sure why.), and ever since then I use it all the time. Yum YUm YUM! Poor Adam has to eat chicken tacos atleast once a week. oh well.
Okay so there are many many many more things that I love, but I don't really feel like putting anymore. If you know me, what are some things that you know I love???

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Big Kid

Blake started preschool today. I am excited for him but it feels a little weird to have a kid that old. He's not even old, it just feels like when they go to school they are old. He is just down the street at a lady in my wards house for only 2 hours twice a week, but I am realizing just how big he is and how much he is growing despite the fact that I want to keep him small. Blake is so much fun and such a boy. He is so like his daddy it is almost comical. He has been so excited for school, and I know that he is going to love it. Plus he is in a class with all girls......yah my boy is already a ladies man, and he loves it. So here are some pictures of my big kid just before going to his first day of preschool.
The customary picture with your backpack on in front of the door. Doesn't everyone's parents do that on the first day of school?
He insisted on having a picture of his cool Batman backpack and brother.

Mommy and my big boy. Yah he doesn't look anything like me, he is ALL Adam. ARRR he is so cute, I could just eat him!!! :)