Monday, May 24, 2010

I Am Still Alive

Yes, I am the worst blogger. I haven't had the energy to do a whole lot of things, especially writing about it. When I first found out I was prego, it was awesome because I didn't get sick right away, and I was still feeling good and doing my normal running routine.....And then BAM, it hit me out of no where, and all I have wanted to do is lay down. Of course with 2 little ones and a puppy, its not possible. I am surviving though and am thankful that in a few short weeks I will be done with the sickness! That day cannot come fast enough!
Anywho, so my kids, bless their little hearts have been so patient with my lack of patience, and so loving with my lack of wanting to do anything. We've still managed to have some fun despite all the grossness I have been feeling. We haven't taken a whole lot of pictures but here are just a few.....
Look at that kid. I want to eat his face every time I see those eyes. Though he is by far tougher than Blake was at 2, he still has the ability to melt my heart with that face and still loves to snuggle in my neck.
And there is our dog, "Mack" eating Kade after church. We have had a love/hate relationship since we got her. Or I guess I should say I have loved and hated her. She is doing tons better now, but when we first got her, she peed everywhere all the time and I wanted to take her back. I told Adam like a million times I was done with her (I know, horrible), and I didn't want to deal with it anymore. (Please remember we got her right after I found out I was pregnant and I am in the middle of crazy hormones and puking. I am normally not so mean about animals.) Now she is awesome, she "plays" with the boys, which mostly consists of them laying on the floor while she lick attacks their faces. It completely grosses me out, but they love it.
All in all we love our dog.
Dean (cousin), Kade, Blake, and Parker (cousin) at Parker's birthday party. Can you tell they are all family? The boys don't get to see Parker a whole bunch because of shared custody but when they do see him they have so much fun together. And they love Dean, who wouldn't, the kid is a stud.
Adam got another award at work for being a "Top Performer" Let me tell you, that man is amazing, he works so hard, and really shines. My parent's, though not in the picture, took us out to dinner to celebrate his great achievements, and then we took everyone to get ice cream after. The boys made a mess of course (you should have seen the area we were sitting at when we were done), but getting ice cream is probably one of their favorite things to do. Seriously who doesn't love getting ice cream? I just wouldn't recommend Coldstone, I really just don't like it too much. We found a yummy place called MOJO frozen yogurt or something like that and it was delish!
My son the IPod junky. Blake loves playing on the IPod. It is a special treat for him. I don't want him addicted to electronic gaming, so we only let him play on it occasionally, but the kid can maneuver the thing like nobodies business. He knows how to turn it on, put in the password, and get to a game he wants to play. I don't even know what I am doing on that thing half the time.
p.s. please notice how he is sitting, he always sits like that when he is on the IPod. Love that crazy boy.
Daddy took the boys on their first Father's and Son's outing, and they loved it. Apparently they were really good, and slept great in the tent. They talked about going camping for like a week after they got back. It was the first time I have been by myself since we had Blake. It was really weird. Don't get me wrong, it was nice for one night to be in a quiet house, but I was also glad for the noise when they got back. It is good every now and then to get a break, right?
So now you know we are still kickin over here in the House of Grahams. Just a few more weeks and hopefully I will be back to my normal self, and be able to be better about this whole blogging thing. Who knows, but until then, ta ta!